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Anita is the founder of Sanctuary. She has 15 years experiences in massage business, over 5 years in the famous Spas of Budapest and is trained in a variety of massage modalities and approaches, such as Korokan Massage and Reflexology.Her main Qualification is Medical Massage. She is known for her very thorough deep tissue massage. Anita is a Reiki practicioner since 5 years & Spiritual Counsellor since 2 years. She recognizes that body, mind, and spirit, are connected and that by helping the healing process in one dimension you are affecting the others as well.Her belief is that we all have the natural ability to heal ourselves, as long as we take the appropriate steps. Her purpose to show her clients how to find their own paths by the suitable techniques and how to keep the balance in their life. Currently she is studying Family Constellation.

I treated myself to 2 hrs with Anita in Sanctuary, It was just heaven. Mix of deep tissue massage, Reike and Reflexology. Amazing, slept like a baby afterwards! I highly recommend Sanctuary, massages always amazing, they use the best of oils, very pleasant relaxed environment in the centre of Ranelagh. Make an appointment now, treat yourself, you will be delighted with the experience.

Maria M

I love going for massages with Anita. Of course it is so good for the muscles and the body but it is so much more than this as well. I come out feeling nourished, relaxed, recharged and so well cared for. I have stuck with Anita for years now as she is the best masseur I found . I always go for deep tissue as I get a very sore back. I recommend Anita regularly.

Kathryn O

Fabulous as always. Andi is a caring and gifted professional. She takes 100% interest in her work, and is extremely knowledgeable on natural and organic skin care treatments. She always brings a holistic approach to treatments and creates a calming and healing environment in her treatment room which is just lovely. Thank you.

Dorene D
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