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Adrienn has been dedicated her recent years to natural and organic skin care as a result of which she founded the company Biola Organics Ltd in September 2015. I met Anita, Viki and Andi in November 2015 when they decided to opt for Biola professional products after they had a go with our samples. They immediately felt what the difference is between the materials they had earlier and what I provided them. Guest reviews also proved their opinion and the feedback we all received was simply phantastic. Due to the reliable high quality the number of therapies and to our great satisfaction, the number of new customers have been growing ever since. In line with nature, in my free time I like hiking, taking photos and enjoying nature especially sunshine when Irish weather allows it.


About Biola

Where we and the products come from is an incredibly rich country in herbs, vegetables and fruits right in the heart of Europe. The company Biola Organics was founded in September 2015 with the aim to provide excellent skin care products both for home use and professionals. In the scientific background there are highly and internationally acknowledged scientists, biologists and toxicologists who can guarantee that Nature’s best is bottled and jared for the customers’ satisfaction. The manufacturing company in Hungary is unique on its own since it provides tip-to-toe skin care for each skin type, however the professional line is very sophisticated – simply to give your skin the very best of nature.

At the time when we met I had already been using the company’s products for over 5 years and I was fully convinced about their beneficial effects on everyday skin care.

I am fully aware that these products are complex on their own; they replenish and regenerate skin by the extraordinarily high organic agent content. The pure and safe composition of the creams, masks and oils offer an adventure into lovely texture and natural scents. These professional products allow skin free breathing; what’s more, the beneficial ingredients are fully absorbed into skin.

If you wish to read more about our company, about the ingredients or the products, check out our website:

So why not have a go with us?

I treated myself to 2 hrs with Anita in Sanctuary, It was just heaven. Mix of deep tissue massage, Reike and Reflexology. Amazing, slept like a baby afterwards! I highly recommend Sanctuary, massages always amazing, they use the best of oils, very pleasant relaxed environment in the centre of Ranelagh. Make an appointment now, treat yourself, you will be delighted with the experience.

Maria M

I love going for massages with Anita. Of course it is so good for the muscles and the body but it is so much more than this as well. I come out feeling nourished, relaxed, recharged and so well cared for. I have stuck with Anita for years now as she is the best masseur I found . I always go for deep tissue as I get a very sore back. I recommend Anita regularly.

Kathryn O

Fabulous as always. Andi is a caring and gifted professional. She takes 100% interest in her work, and is extremely knowledgeable on natural and organic skin care treatments. She always brings a holistic approach to treatments and creates a calming and healing environment in her treatment room which is just lovely. Thank you.

Dorene D
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